Seasonal GF supper – chana masala

Zucchini chana masala, cucumber salad, curried rice and quinoa.

Homegrown: cukes, tomatoes, basil, vinegar, onions. Staples: rice, quinoa, beans, spices, oil. Storebought: zukes.

I made the chana masala based on this recipe at Smitten Kitchen – it’s a favorite of ours. I just added in four chopped zucchini after the onions and before the tomatoes. (Goodness how I love zucchini – more than tomatoes! I think I could eat ratatouille and all its cousins for every single meal!) The rice is just half rice and half quinoa, cooked in the rice cooker with a teaspoon of our favorite curry powder mix and some salt.

By the way, since these seasonal supper posts are few and far between, I thought I should clarify that every meal we eat here is seasonal. It’s just that some are definitely not pretty enough to photograph and share with y’all. Like those green-tomato-sauce enchiladas I made (also gluten-free by the way!) filled with cheddar, salsa, yellow zukes, and chicken – that tasted absolutely divine but fell apart as soon as they were served and looked kind of like fluffy dog chow. Photography fail. Or the black-bean fresh-corn salad with smoked paprika, served with salsa-cheddar-corn grits (yes, also all GF) that just looked like boring white pudding and messy black beans with dirty corn in it. -grin- Delicious, delicious ugly food!

2 Responses to “Seasonal GF supper – chana masala”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Don’t know about the food, but I’m in LOVE with the plate!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Thanks Melissa! I made all our dishes at a community woodfiring a couple years ago. :)

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