Battening down the hatches

This post is for my mother (who seems to be worried sick about me and mine over here in the path of hurricane Irene) so she can stop imagining horrible scenes from the movie Twister and see that we are at least somewhat prepared, barring trees falling and other Acts of God.

Josh (aka KnotMaster) bested his phobias last night and tied the beehives together. This way, if they blow over they won’t crack open and the bees will survive just fine.

The chickens will stay locked in their coop; I’ve filled their feeders up completely so they will be fine if I cant’ get out there for a couple days. The cats are of course inside-only cats anyway.

I pulled in all the tomatoes, green and red yesterday. These are just the red ones, about 15 pounds. Also all the ripe peppers and  beans. The mosquitos were so bad I didn’t want to dawdle over the little bitty stuff like ground cherries; but we got a respectable haul nonetheless.

I went ahead and processed about 8 pounds of green tomatoes into a smooth green enchilada sauce. If the power goes out for a few days I don’t want them rotting on the counter. Today I’m going to try to get the red ones done – I should really have done them first!

18 cups’ worth of delicious nearly-prepared meals!

We’re doing everything now that we can’t do later (easily anyway) without power – loads of laundry (especially the cloth diapers, ew), dishes, hot showers. Josh went out and filled up our prescriptions, and bought another flashlight to add to the collection. I bought a Costco pack of batteries.

And of course we’ve got plenty of food.

These are all the canned goods I’ve made just this year. There’re some quarts of soup in there in addition to salsas and pickles. We’ve also got a 25lb sack of rice, another of flour, and that 8lb sack of potatoes on the shelf there. And let’s not forget the stuffed chest freezer, which I topped off with gallon jugs of water to help keep it cold if the power goes out.

And we’ve got jugs and jugs of potable water. And two big canisters of propane to cook on our camp stove with. And let’s not forget the four cords of firewood out back in case we need to cook in the woodstove.

See mama? Stop worrying. Unless a tree falls on our heads. Then you can worry.

4 Responses to “Battening down the hatches”

  1. Sam Says:

    Looks like you are ready, I hope this hurricane spares you, never know how bad these things can be until they start doing damage. Fortunately we are no ware near so all we have to do is hope/pray for others :)

  2. Heidi Says:

    Thank you, Diana. I am glad to see the beehives secured, the harvest harvested and processed, washes done, etc.Now all you can do is hunker down, get out the flashlights and a few good books (for S. too) and play “cabin in a rainstorm”. I hope for the best.

  3. diana Says:

    It turned out to be a whole lotta nothing, y’all. I told Mama we’d been through hurricanes before here and they were just big rainstorms…. this one wasn’t even that big. The power didn’t even flicker. And while I was all prepared to camp out … thank goodness we didn’t have to!

  4. Diane Says:

    While I’m jealous of your wall o’ homecanned food (!!), I’ll gladly stay waaaay over here, away from the hurricane. For whatever reason, I’m not remembering where you live but I’ll cross my fingers that Irene stays away from it. Stay safe, you guys!

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