Playroom renewal

It’s happening! It’s really happening!

It’s taken two years of dreaming about a new, fresh den/playroom (you may remember some of my past posts about it). Two full years of cussing at the old carpet and putting up itchy allergy attacks every time I spent any time in there (it’s 30 years old, you see, and full of dust, and I am allergic to dust).

But now we’re moving ahead on the renovation.

We’ve chosen a contractor and have a contract nearly ironed out. He’s coming over this week to rip up some carpet and check out the subfloor and make preparations for putting in some built in floor-ceiling bookshelves along the two far walls. Something like this, but not quite.

And we’ve chosen flooring! It only took us two stores – well three if you count sending away for some online samples.

We’d wanted cork flooring because it is the playroom after all, and cork is supposed to be soft. I don’t like how it looks, but I thought I could get over it because it was otherwise so perfect. Except, cork is now covered with thick poly like everything else and feels almost as hard as laminate. I just couldn’t find any cork tiles I liked, and we were pretty unhappy.

At the flooring store we both caught sight of some of the beautiful hardwoods available, and we realized we should just ditch the cork idea because we like the look of wood so much better. And this room will only be a playroom for what, 8 more years? After that, it’ll be our library. And we’d better like it.

This is the one we chose – try to ignore the foofy set.

“Winter White” in Bruce’s solid hardwood Fulton series. It’s 2 1/4″ boards just like the rest of the house, so when we finally get rich enough to strip that glowing orange off the rest of the floors, it’ll fit right in.

Not a great picture, but you get the idea. And there’s the ugly carpet it will be replacing. In case you’d forgotten.

I think it looks great with the brick.

I was adamant that we get a very pale floor, in the hopes that it will maximize the brightness of the room. It’s very dark in there, despite the huge window, since it faces North under deep eaves and heavy tree cover. Next we’re going to remedy the lighting situation in there, and eventually we hope to get skylights… but that’s a pretty far away “eventually”.

Can you see it? I’m starting to!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I love the light wood you chose. We had our dining room floor redone with a similar wood. It is a lovely choice.

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