Birthday purse – Allison

I’ve shown you a couple of the birthday purses I’ve made before (here and here). And though I haven’t blogged them all, I’ve kept right on making them all year because I love them! They’re recycled from designer bridal fabric, they’re individual and unique and even fairly quick as far as sewing projects go.

Since the first one I have streamlined the process: I now use similar colors instead of contrasts (took too long to look for the perfect match!), I use ribbon for the handles, and I’ve stopped adding pearls (hand sewing = yuck!). But every so often one of them seems especially cute and I think “I should take a picture of that one.” Then I forget.

Well, I thought this one was cute enough to blog. I was thinking about not even putting her initial on it… but then I did and I got a little carried away too! I’m still not so great at the appliques (sigh) but I think it came out pretty good anyway.

I read a book once as a child where a girl had a strange birthmark, the first letter of her name with a little crown above it. Eventually of course she finds out she’s royalty… and oh, how I wanted something like that. I sure hope Allison is into princesses.

Every seam has a different pattern of embroidery along it.

I hope she likes it!

2 Responses to “Birthday purse – Allison”

  1. Heidi Says:

    You are so creative. Alison will love it. (Bet she still will have it when she goes away to collage…)

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    I hope so! It’s hard to tell sometimes, esp now that people don’t open presents until after everyone has left.

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