Some day, the lists must cease.

But not yet. Not today. Today (and yesterday, and the day before) I gleefully whiddled away many hours – which could instead have been gainfully employed in making sweaters or mopping the kitchen floor – in garden listmaking.

You know how in my previous post I was whinging about how I didn’t know when to start my seeds? Well, I finally compiled all the information I had at hand: germination time, days to harvest, optimal soil temperature at planting time. I even went back through my photo library to find when exactly it was “when the daffodils bloom”, and “when the dogwood buds open” and “when the white oak leaves are the size of a cat’s ear” (the most interesting gardening timeline I’ve yet received). And I came up with this spreadsheet (somehow the lines got lost in converting to .pdf format, sorry) which – because it shows me what’s ready to harvest at the same time as other things are ready to plant – will be of invaluable help in planning crop rotations and succession plantings.

Neat, huh? Sometimes OCD pays off. -grin-

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