Hello, Taco

I totally saw her this morning. Lying on my back and trying to make myself get out of bed, my watermelon of a belly pointing towards the ceiling, and she was kicking away in there. I glanced down just as she kicked – and my belly twitched. I swear. I stared. She did it again. It twitched again. A definite little -bump!– just above where she was kicking. And just as I was getting really excited, she decided to roll over and go to sleep. No more twitching for mommy.

But still. How cool is that? I can see her kicking in there!

Just a little bit, and really these were the strongest kicks yet so I don’t think I’ll be seeing it too often for a while longer, but I’m elated anyway. Well, actually I feel kinda like a cross between the first person who’s ever been pregnant (surely no one else could have things this cool happen, or else we’d all be doing it! Oh wait, we are) and one of the victims from Alien.

One Response to “Hello, Taco”

  1. songspinr Says:

    way KOOOOL. I remember you sorta rippled, not actually kicked.but you an actually see it. yay! she’s saying “Hi Mom!”.

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