Flower girl

I never got the chance to be a flower girl while I was growing up (bridesmaid, yes). But there’s just something so sweet about flower girls, isn’t there? Though I guess now I’m too old (and too pregnant probably too).

We’re delighted that SofĂ­a has been asked to be a flower girl in an October wedding. Well the next best thing to being a flower girl is making a dress for one, right! And with the sudden cold snap (it’s 20-30 degrees below what it should be for this time of year!) and Irene having utterly drowned my garden, I do have some time on my hands.

We had some coupons for Joann’s, and ended up getting this taffeta and chiffon on super sale.

The pattern is a good one as far as the pieces go, but UGH the directions are terrible. Not because they’re unclear, but because they don’t include a lining for the bodice, just a collar facing. Which leaves all the midriff, armhole, and sash seams naked and ugly and shredding (and maybe itching?) instead of neatly tucked away and hidden. Lazy, lazy construction!

It also meant that by the time I realized my taffeta was just too thin to work lining-less, it was too late to backtrack. I had to quick improvise and do a half-lining and, well… it looks good on the outside, but I’d never let a seamstress see the inside.

In fact, just thinking about how ugly it is inside is enough to make me itch. Maybe I’ll rip it all apart again and ignore ALL the instructions and just do the lining right, like I should have from the beginning.

Except I’ve gotten this far already.

It just needs a hem, a hook closure on top, and all its trim. Ooh I can’t wait to see her wear it finished!

3 Responses to “Flower girl”

  1. Aunt Nancy Says:

    Anytime I’m getting ready to sew, I read all of the instructions first, then decide how I think the best way to sew it is. Some of the instructions they give are just SO bad! There are often much better ways if you just stop to think about it first, cause you’re right, once you get going, it’s often hard to backtrack without starting over . . . Looks really cute, hope she has fun!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Looks like Sofia likes it–and that is what matters most. Half lining? which half? upper, lower? if upper, could she wear a half slip type thing for the bottom? maybe snap it into the inside of the sash area.
    Or make a simple cotton slip to go under the dress and attach it with snapped loops on the shoulders to hold the straps of the slip in place (like we did when I was growing up to keep our underpinnings in place and not let straps slide down the arm)…

  3. jenny Says:

    She is darling! I am so honored to have her in my wedding. xoxo

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