Work has begun

Work has begun on the bookshelves! Two super-nice guys from Carterworx – a small local company – have been here all week.

I gotta say, my inner cheapskate really cringed at having to pay someone to do work that really, I could have done myself… but I’m so, SO glad I did. Because these guys are perfectionists.

They’re doing a much better, much sturdier job than I would have.

It’s amazing to see something that was on paper for two years, taking shape before my eyes.

5 Responses to “Work has begun”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations! It will be gorgeous when it’s finished and filled with books!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Will the shelf where Sofia is standing in front of the windows also be a curl-up-and-read pillow covered bench? I imagine in winter it would be too cold, but in the summer long afternoons?
    (I always wanted a window lit “book nook” .)

  3. Diana Guillermo Says:

    That’s the idea! The way the window latches are so close to the sill I think it can’t have seat cushions, but I can scatter pillows for sure.

  4. Melissa Says:

    Okay, you’ve left me hanging long enough…. Where are the pics of the finished product????

  5. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Ha! I’m still priming and sanding and caulking and mudding and sanding some more! It’s gonna be like another week! 😀 (I can’t WAIT for it all to be done already!!)

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