Three steps forward and another step back

First step back was here.

Second step back … well, we may have a fourth trip back to the flooring stores in our future, because it seems like hardwood may not work. The playroom used to be the garage, and when the wooden floor was built above the old cement floor there was no moisture barrier put in. That means basically that the wood subfloor is kind of wicking or absorbing humidity from the damp (ground-level) concrete. Its moisture levels were at 15-18%, when they should have been 5-10%. (On the plus side, our subfloor is in excellent shape otherwise – there aren’t any actual moisture problems to speak of. It’s just too damp for a glue-down floor).

So, no real wood floors for us. Probably. (They cut back half the carpet and will recheck levels tomorrow after 4 days of airing out, to see if the carpet was just acting like a humidity sponge). We’ll know tomorrow.

Goodbye, almost-perfect match that would tie the room together with the rest of the house.

Now we have to see if we can find a laminate we can tolerate. Laminates have some good points: they can stand a lot of abuse, and with that being the playroom AND our main entrance to the house that’d be a good thing. They are also cheaper. I just wish they didn’t all look so fake, and that it didn’t butt right up to our real wood floors.

And now for the good news: The shelves are almost finished, enough that I could caulk and prime them this weekend!

They need their shelves and the lower cabinet doors, but you can really see now they’re going to look eventually. I could not be more pleased with the guys from Carterworx, they are truly fantastic with the details.

And SofĂ­a already loves clambering all over the window seat and using it to stage her toys.

7 Responses to “Three steps forward and another step back”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    They look great. The detail stands out with the primer on. Good luck with the flooring..

  2. Claire Says:

    Have you considered tile? I too HATE laminate, but know wood is not always appropriate. I have found tile can be really beautiful and durable… plus it would look so different than your wood floors that it could not be percieved as looking like you were trying to match it but came up short. A natural, terracotta type tile might be a great answer. Sure it can be hard and cold for the kids, but I am guessing for a playroom you were considering a rug anyway? Just my thoughts….

  3. Amber Says:

    Could you do a floating engineered wood floor? All the beauty of wood, can be resurfaced two or three times if needed, easy click installation (I did hall and craft room by myself and it’s bee-u-tee-full). You’d have to ask if putting a moisture barrier (if you’d need it) over your subfloor wouldn’t compromise it…. but the engineered floor is ENGINEERED to go where solid wood can’t. (And usually for less money.) Not generally as cheap as laminate, but for good reason. Is there a Lumber Liquidators store anywhere near you?
    Wow! Your shelves are looking insanely good!

  4. Erin Says:

    Lumber liquidators…Greenbelt

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Have you tried researching cork tiles? There are many, many options. Some do not have poly on them.

  6. Tasnima Says:

    Have you tried researching cork tiles? There are many, many options. Some do not have poly on them.

  7. Diana Guillermo Says:

    I have – originally we wanted cork in there but after looking at a hozillion options just came to the conclusion that we simply don’t like the way it looks. That, or bamboo either. A sustainable floor would have been fabulous, but not if we think it’s ugly. :)

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