Where I’ve been

Y’all may have noticed that there haven’t been any posts up here for -gasp!- almost two weeks! And now I’m back, and here’s the reason for the hiatus: I’ve been sick. Preeetty badly sick. But not sick in a way that you’d immediately go to the doctor for and get antibiotics and feel all better in a day or two.

I started feeling really crappy about 2 months ago. Suddenly everything felt like a chore. I did my garden chores, but unwillingly, draaaaaggingly, and they were no fun at all. Where was the enjoyment? It so happened that an OB appointment I had scheduled around that time was one where they’d been planning on doing a lot of bloodwork, so I found out to my surprise that I was fairly – but not horribly – anemic.  Instead of prescribe a supplement though, my doctors told me to eat lots of high iron foods and come back in 6 weeks.

But no, it didn’t work. I forced myself to eat chicken livers and pate (can’t stand the stuff!) that I’d even made myself. I devoured kale and lentils and black beans and yet … it got to the point where I abandoned the garden altogether. I was taking two-hour naps every day, sometimes as early as 11am. We ate takeout and frozen food almost every night because I just couldn’t stand long enough to cook. I was doing nothing more than sitting on the couch all day every day, and weeping uncontrollably all the time. I tried to explain it to Josh – just standing and walking was like trying to move through honey. Even breathing was a chore. I told Josh I hated the garden and wanted to move back to a townhouse because I would never be able to go out there and work ever again.

So I called the OB again (weeping of course) and begged for more blood tests. They had me wait another week, but to give them credit they called me back urgently after drawing my blood. I had gotten really badly anemic (and had really low levels of vitamin D), so much so that if I wasn’t up to a certain minimum level when it was time to give birth, they were going to give me an IV port because I’d need a transfusion. Whoa. (Might as well go to a hospital instead of a birth center, then…)

Long story short, three days of choking and gagging down these super nasty, pig-blood-flavored supplements, I suddenly feel human again. It’s like a light has turned back on in a room I hadn’t realized had been so dark.

I’m still not 100%… but I’m cooking again, and this morning Sofía and I went harvesting in the garden for the first time since a week or two after hurricane Irene. Hooray for modern medicine. Hooray for a supportive husband. Hooray for you readers who waited so patiently. :)

8 Responses to “Where I’ve been”

  1. Ann Says:

    happy to have you back sweetie–so sorry that things got so bad. Wish i was closer and could have helped out. so glad you stayed in touch with the dr. and even happier that you’re starting to feel better. xoxo

  2. Alex Says:

    I bet those supplements are “Blood Builder” from Whole Foods or the like, right? Dawn’s on those now for the same reason. Or if yours are different, try these. The red color comes from beets, and they’re going down OK for her, which is a huge surprise.

  3. Heidi Says:

    How scarey! And we had no idea. Keep sucking down those nasty pills, it seems as if you are one of the few for whom natural foods are not enough.
    So glad Sofia and Josh have you back. So relieved YOU have YOU back. Take better care of both of you (Taco needs you well too). Don’t wait so long when you feel poorly to talk to a doc.

  4. dawn Says:

    Oh I’m so sorry they delayed giving you the supplements. And I really sympathize. I’ve had the weeping too, and the not being able to do anything. I was blaming it all on the nausea and vomiting, but hearing your experience, it’s clear the anemia has a role too.

    Big hugs to you!

  5. Erin Says:

    You should have told me! I live right down the street and I could have at least brought you a home cooked meal! We are all human, ask for help:) Hugs, glad your feeling better!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hooray for you feeling better!!!

  7. Kathleen Says:

    When we saw your video of the sonogram I had commented to David that you looked so tired. So glad your feeling better.

  8. Betty Says:

    Happy your back. I missed reading your blog. Happy to know your doing better. How scary. I love to read about what you do. I would of loved the opportunity to been able to do what you do. Hugs to you. You are just amazing to me.

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