Oh yeah gluten

By the way, what with the whole medical don’t-want-to-live thing going on around here, I kind of forgot to blog about the outcome of the gluten-free trial.

Turns out I’m not gluten intolerant.

I had gone nearly 3 weeks completely gluten free, then pigged out on some crackers, mac & cheese, and other stuff just waiting to feel miserably horrible. But…. nothing. Nothing at all. So that is that.

Truth to tell, I’m kind of bummed. I would have liked to have a single solid answer for all the myriad of auto-immune-related complaints that I suffer from.

But on the upside, I ordered like ten boxes of Girl Scout cookies. :)

2 Responses to “Oh yeah gluten”

  1. Erin Says:

    Eat some samoas for me!!!!!!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Erin, I bet samoas would be easy to make gluten-free! They’re mostly coconut!

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