Little hots

Look what I found when Sofía and I went out to the garden this past week – peppers! Looks like the pepper plants are among the only plants  to survive first a hurricane and then a full month of utter neglect… and thrive on it. And our resident rabbits have been leaving them completely alone too, which is a blessing!

Sofía was a pretty good helper. I figured she could do little damage this late in the year, and just told her to pick all the red ones. She did yank a couple plants out of the ground by accident, but really who cares at this point? She had fun.

We got a one and a half gallon bag’s worth of peppers – mostly hots.

I was going to roast them and puree them up with my homegrown garlic into a sort of sriracha, but recently I had a sandwich from Potbelly loaded with their pickled hot peppers. It was soooooo gooooood that now I think I have to try something like that. This baby likes it hot!

We also found one last tiny baby watermelon that we’ll be cutting open soon. I hope it’s still good from sitting out in the garden in the rain for so long – it sure looks fine and Sofía is so excited to try “her” baby watermelon. Teeny little thing can’t weigh more than 3 pounds, but the watermelon vines have long since died so it wasn’t going to get any bigger.

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