Hungry beez

Poor Darjeeling just keeps struggling along (see my bee inspection report from August). With my own medical issues the past month I haven’t even felt up to mixing up a simple syrup to feed the hive.

But now I feel better, and we’ve been blessed with a few days of warm weather this week. So I’m mixing up big batches and hoping it’s not too late to help them build up their honey supply before the winter. I already know their stores are plenty low after all, and being October there is little nectar naturally available.

That’s a half-gallon jar. It took them about one afternoon to suck it down as far as they have.

These bees are hungry.

I hope the weather lasts long enough for me to get another couple gallons of syrup into them… just let them survive the winter, please.

I also hope my health continues to improve enough for me to get up the gumption to do a bee inspection soon; it’s about time for all of them. I especially want to make sure that Darjeeling is still queenright, as I haven’t seen the dramatic population increase that I would have liked.

2 Responses to “Hungry beez”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, feeding the bees! Good idea though as they are in short short supply. Came to watch the video of Marvin’s Granddaughter.
    Eileen Begley

  2. Ron Homens Says:

    Since we live right around the corner from you my wife and I have enjoyed watching the many activities in your yard. I too am a Bee Keeper and have seen your hives from the road as I drive by. I have one hive in my yard and several at a farm near by. We have enjoyed watching your free range chickens and was concerned that you may have gotten rid of them until we read your blog and saw that you were having health issues and put them in the coop out back. We love what you are doing with your property and wish you the best of health. Sincerly,Ron & Daria Homens

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