Update on the bread

I had to up the temperature to 350 and bake it an extra half hour, but this first batch of the bread came out really delicious. Maybe not quite as moist as the pudding variations I’ve tried (prolly has something to do with the lack of starch in my recipe, which I may be able to counteract by adding some ground oats), but still much moister than most coffee-cakey-breads… and the top got a nice thin crunchy-crispy crust on it. Mmmm. Even Josh said it was very good!

It occurs to me that simply adding a couple mashed bananas to the final mixture would probably make this a delightful banana bread. It’s got the perfect texture and flavor for it. Maybe I’ll try that when I do the size-variation recipe I’m trying next.

I’d also like to try it with brown sugar, and maybe 1/2 cup less than what’s in there now. Whole wheat flour would also be nice. Those both compliment bananas, so I’ll probably try everything at once. I know, I know… when the recipe fails, I won’t be able to figure out what caused it to flop. -grin-

The only thing… That “little” bit of rum I added? Really great flavor, but… maybe next time I’ll take care to add a bit littler. :)

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