Playroom reveal

It’s finally finished!

Two years of planning and griping and wishing for a new floor, and finally it’s done.


We haven’t done anything about the lighting yet – we’re thinking about eventually getting a couple of Solatubes (like skylights, but tubular so they look like large can lights). They’re not that expensive, so maybe when we get our next tax refund. :) I also took this picture before I got the cabinet knobs up, and we have yet to find an area rug for the middle. And I have to make cushions for the window seat. (Hm, maybe I shouldn’t have done the big reveal quite yet? Oh well, I’m excited!)

This is the entrance that we use all the time, and it is so nice to walk right into a pleasant, clean room that feels more entirely ours!

8 Responses to “Playroom reveal”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Looks great! Such a contrast from the before. The floors look beautiful. How nice to have it done before the baby’s arrival.

  2. Erin Says:

    Did you widen the walk through to the dinning room or am I nuts? Paint paneling or dry wall hard to tell from the pick? Looks great!

  3. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Hey Erin, Nope we didn’t widen anything. I just stripped, sanded, and painted over the old wood wall paneling and it made it look like beadboard – awesome! 😀

  4. amy Says:

    looks great- love the shelves!!

  5. Claire Says:

    Love it. The floors look great, I would not guess laminate… has laminate improved over the past few years? How would you say it compares? Also, is it much cheaper than hard wood? We badly need to replace some flooring and I can’t stand the thought of putting more carpet down when we are pet owners and I feel like it will just get stained again…..

  6. Diana Guillermo Says:

    We’re actually really pleased with it! We found this one brand (High Ridge) that seems like a photograph of real wood, but a lot of the other laminates look more fakey. I don’t know why! The contractors were really pushing for us to use laminate because of its durability along with our moisture issues; it doesn’t scratch or dent like hardwood. In fact one contractor said he’d put both in at the same time in his house and the hardwood already needed refinishing but the laminate looked brand new. Plus, laminates average between $1.50-$4/sf, whereas hardwoods start around $5-6 and have a more difficult installation. They look better in my opinion, but…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    All your hard work really paid off, honey. Way to go! Looks lovely.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This looks positively stunning! Your vision was dead on for this space.

    BTW, I have my grandmother’s tools for making a braided rug using scraps of fabric. If you are interested in making the rug as opposed to buying one, I can show you what I have and you are welcome to borrow the tools if you are interested.

    I miss you guys! I’ll have to stop by one Sunday after church to drop off some more jars and egg cartons, and when I do, perhaps I can stay for a quick visit. I’ll try to give you a heads up before I come over so I don’t catch you off guard the way I usually do!

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