April showers

… bring April flowers?

The weather has begun to warm steadily and, although today is only about 45 degrees, the weatherman forecasts temperatures in the 60s all next week. Rain too, of course. Every single day. -sigh-

Still, the spring flowers are loving it. My Daydream tulips are just about to open.

I do love my Daydream tulips – especially when they’ve got that apricot blush all over them – but this spring I’ve seen tulips that I love even more.

The City this year planted small beds of variegated yellow, red, and pink tulips down the median of the main street. They sound kind of ghastly, but think of a blending of colors ala Monet. I have to stare every time I pass them (I almost hit an unexpected traffic cone the other day) and I’m trying to figure out a way to take some pictures without a) being too conspicuous, or b) being run over. Since doing so would require remembering to take the camera in with me, of course it hasn’t happened yet.  :)

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