We are really, really lazy about raking leaves. In fact, we are so lazy that we only just started this past weekend. Almost all the leaves are off the trees already but snow hasn’t fallen yet – besides, the weather was just beautiful on Sunday. Perfect.

Josh got the back yard raked (I, of course, pled weakness. I sat inside and gestated instead). He had a great time with her and said she was actually quite a help before her attention wandered. He’s such a good dad.

SofĂ­a not only got lots of rides in the tarp, but while Daddy was dumping them all and spreading them out in the back 40 (some day, some day, all the organic matter we dump back there will raise the soil level, surely), she got to go “fishing for moss” in the pond.

Then it was time for hot cocoa and applesauce making.

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  1. Heidi Says:

    she gets so much fun. Josh is such a great dad.

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