Bread class

Today I got to cross another item off my bucket list: I organized and lead a breadmaking workshop of my very own!

Using techniques from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, I showed four lovely ladies how to whip up a delicious – and deliciously easy – challah braid from scratch using no more equipment than measuring bowls, a mixing bowl and a spoon.

I started a 6X batch of dough around 10am; I knew it would be risen enough to braid as soon as we were ready for it. Stirring that mess up was probably all the exercise I’ll need on my right arm for a week; whew! I had to put it in my 5-gallon water-bath canner to rise, as it was the only pot big enough.

Class started at 1 and kicked off with yummy Heath bar brownies one of the moms brought and homegrown peppermint tea. Nearly everyone brought kids, who rampaged through the house having a great time.

I had remembered to make and print recipes at the last minute and so we started measuring and stirring. The finished dough got covered and set aside for them to take home – the idea being that if they cover it with plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge, they can pull it out and braid it and bake it Thanksgiving morning.

Then I pulled out the pre-risen dough for some TV-cooking-show time-elapse magic and we started braiding.

I had meant to braid a loaf just before people got here, so that it could do its second rise during the class and we could spend the after-braiding time baking (and eating) it… but time got away from me. So we hung out for about 40 minutes instead, while I demonstrated how it was possible to also use the dough to make cinnamon rolls (which are currently slowly rising in my fridge).

Finally one particular loaf was deemed risen enough to bake. I showed the egg wash and seed/salt sprinkling, and 20 minutes later man it was tasty.

Now I’ve led ceramics classes and Spanish classes before, but nothing like this… so I was pretty nervous about setting it up, I have to admit. But doing it with friends was so much fun, and it all worked out great!

I can’t wait to do it again. The possibilities for workshops are endless… mozzarella! pickles! lip gloss! play doh! pie!

2 Responses to “Bread class”

  1. amy Says:

    would love to do more workshops 😀

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Would love to have you!

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