City tulips

These are the tulips I was yakking about in the last post:

Boy do they look different up close than driving quickly by. Still beautiful, but I didn’t realize quite how pink they were. They look very nice with those lavender hyacinths. Maybe I’ll get lucky and receive some of those too. :)

You see, I’m taking shameless advantage of my connection with the City to hit up the horticultural supervisor and ask if I can have the bulbs when they redo the beds with summer annuals in a couple months. I know they don’t keep them, because they’re different every year; and they’re probably ripped up so ruthlessly that they’ll be useless to me as well. But hey, I can hope. Can you imagine? Like 100 free, gorgeous tulip bulbs? -sigh-

And since big landscapers generally consider tulips annuals (tulips are notoriously picky about overwintering; while my Daydreams thrive and multiply, my El Ninos hardly ever seem to come back), there’s an even greater chance that they’ll just be discarded. Despite the fact that many tulips are, in fact, perfectly perennial. Yay for me!

I’m such a bulb-scrounger. -grin-

You know those pots of blooming daffodils they sell in the grocery stores and places like Home Depot? People tend to just pitch ’em after they’re done blooming. What a waste. I’ve collected two pot’s worth this season and planted them. Of course they won’t bloom again this year, but next spring I’ll have another two clumps of cheery yellow in my yard.

And I really wouldn’t mind having a few free clumps of these tulips there, too.

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