Slipcover attempt #2

So I found this awesome chair at a garage sale months and months ago. For FREE.

Fancy like an appletini! And in great shape, except for the upholstery, which was badly worn. And outdated. Nothing a good cleaning and a slipcover can’t fix, I thought!

And I cannot resist the siren call of free. So I managed to wedge it in the back of the car and took it home, where it sat in the garage all summer long because once it was here, I suddenly remembered what the disappointment that happened the last time I tried to make a slipcover. And then I felt daunted.

Well, I’m finally feeling well enough again to start a new project (goodness it’s been a long while since I’ve created anything!). So that doggone chair got pulled in, cleaned up, and I  started draping and pinning and marking and cutting up my last old bedsheet/painting dropcloth as a pattern.

I was amazed when it worked on the first try. I guess I measured more carefully this time.

Thanks to my mama, I even had enough of my favorite upholstery canvas on hand to splurge on a big project like this. (The thickness of the canvas ought to prevent the wrinkled-t-shirt look seen above).

Destroying the rough draft and cutting new pieces is about as far as I got last night – I’ll keep ya posted!

2 Responses to “Slipcover attempt #2”

  1. Heidi Says:

    so glad you found something to use that extra fabric for…

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    I hesitated to use so much of it in one place ( about 2.5 of my 4 yards) but then I figured, well if I won’t use it for home decor then what’s it for? Very glad I remembered it.

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