Who let the chickens out?

(bwak, bwak, bwak-bwak)

Everyone knows redheads are troublemakers.

The three red hens I got this spring have been nothing but trouble. They are so irritatingly smart. They are the only ones to consistently find tiny openings under the fence … and the only ones to figure out that they can squeeze and wriggle under them.

And look at them, walking around like they own the place. Sassy things. Just half an hour after I let them out into their “secure” pen.

I don’t want to stop letting them free-range, and I love that they can scratch up all the bugs, leftover seeds, and still-green leaves that they may want in my winter-abandoned garden. There’s 5000 sf there for them to play around in! But no, they get out every day and I worry that they’ll annoy the neighbors. And poop on my porch.

What’s a wanna-be farmer girl to do?

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