Quick mini tree skirt

We found a Christmas tree in our basement today!

Ok, that’s not quite accurate. We knew the previous owners had left us one, but it was bundled and swathed up in black plastic bags and we never really got around to bringing it up. But today Sofía was playing down there with me while I finished up a couple more of the 100-year-old-chairs (only 3 left to go, now) and she spotted it in a corner. I’m so glad she did, because I’d been wondering how to hang our advent boxes this year. (Last year was a giant old branch, which worked ok but…. then there was a giant old branch in the kitchen. Precarious and messy.)

So we brought the little tree up and gave it a good cleaning, though it didn’t really need it. It had some lights already and we put our own garland on it. It’s just the right size for the advent boxes, barely 4′ so Sofía can reach the top easily to hang each box as we open it… but the bottom was bare, three ugly metal legs.

Inspiration struck. I had a loooong strip (maybe 60″?) of shiny red scrap fabric left over from making a Renaissance dress overskirt; I’d been meaning to make it into a holiday table runner but I never got around to it last year.

The width of about 18″ was just perfect. I finished the edges and gathered up one side as far as it would go.

Then I found a spool of green & gold ribbon that I’d bought 2 years ago for $1, meaning to adorn presents with; but it never really matched the papers I bought so I had a couple yards still.

I should have put the ribbon on before the gathering, while the piece was still flat and straight; but inspiration struck too late. Oh well, it still worked.

Then I just draped it around the bottom of the tree, futzed and grumbled at the camera, and voila!

A perfect little skirt that took only 1/2 hour to make, and looks expensive but was entirely free! (Dontcha just LOVE it when projects just work like you imagine they will?)

Our new little advent tree is dressed and ready for December!

4 Responses to “Quick mini tree skirt”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Simply stunning!

  2. Heidi Says:

    How big is the tree?
    I can’t imagine a Christmas without a REAL tree, so is this one for the Advent calendar or for all the Christmas celebration?

  3. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Yes, this is a little artificial 4′ tree that was left with us by the Graulings. We’ll get our real tree this weekend probably. This one is just for hanging the advent boxes after we open them. Last year they were too heavy to hang when full, though that might not be true this year, hmmmm! If I do decide to hang them all up (and I might!) I’ll post a picture. It’s nice that it fits right next to the breakfast table and brightens the kitchen.

  4. Heidi Says:

    wups, just noticed it was a little Sofia-sized tree. Your little tree skirt is just lovely.At least with that tree you don’t need to worry about dropped needles and sap messing up your neat skirt.
    The Advent boxes will look just great on it. Picture of the box-decorated-tree???

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