Advent begins

December is here, and we got out the advent boxes!

SofĂ­a insisted on opening each one to make sure we didn’t forget any candy in there from before. (As if I would let her eat a piece of year-old candy, anyway).

This year they are filled with crafty things like stickers (we’re going to make a sticker book that she can decorate as we go along) and wooden shapes she can paint and glue sparkles onto and hang as ornaments. I might slip in a piece or two of her leftover Halloween chocolate too … and whaddaya wanna bet she likes that better? -laugh-

Here’s a post on how I made them from tea tins, Christmas paper, stickers, and mod-podge.

One Response to “Advent begins”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Yay! I’d forgotten how beautful and ingenious they are!
    (You craft-monster, you!)

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