Spring makeover

I went to Behnke’s nursery this weekend for the first time in 2008…. and even though I went twice in two days, you should be proud of how much I controlled myself. I brought home a mere 4 new plants (not including annuals… cuz who includes those? They’re even labelled as “filler” – they’re the feeder goldfish of the garden world!) and for the rest of it, contented myself with simply rearranging the existing plants.

Despite my determination not to buy any more specimen plants, however, I simply couldn’t resist buying a “Nanho Blue” buddleia; a white clematis, a white azalea, and some blue-and-white bearded irises… none of which I’d had before. So much for being over my original frantic plant acquisition period. So much for my vow to buy only stodgy evergreens or plants I already have (in order to “cluster” them in groups of three, instead of having only one of each in a somewhat frenetic display).

I don’t care. It will be beautiful. Though right now, of course, it’s typically, Aprilly, barren.

I had to really, really move stuff around to make enough space for the new guys. Don’t get me wrong, there were “naked” spaces already or I wouldn’t have brought anyone else in – but they weren’t quite big enough. Besides, some of the new guys (like the buddleia, which gets to 6 feet!) will cast new shadows that have to be taken into account – so I had to move the extra-sun-lovers somewhere else. But that supposed “somewhere else” was already taken up by other plants which then also had to be moved… you get the picture.

In case you don’t, here’s a picture for you to get. (Purple = new, yellow = preexisting).

Yup. I had to move 8 plants – 10 if you count the three geums as separate plants – to make way for 3. And relished every minute of it.

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  1. songspinr Says:

    can’t wait to see it or pictures when they bloom.

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