No doubt I’ll use that blog title as a baby entry later, but just now – don’t be disappointed – it’s garden entry time!

Everything is starting to look like Spring at the Patch: the weeds are still at manageable levels, the goldfish are waking up from their hibernation and dashing around in their barrels, and the first Spring-planted vegetables are making an appearance.

Purple Passion Asparagus

I’m having much better luck with my peas this year, too. Remember last year when I planted pre-germinated seeds in near-frozen ground? Poor things were so shocked that only about 6 of 200 or so ever sprouted. This year all the new ones germinated; the ones I planted from last year’s package are much more disappointing. I’ll just have to reseed them, that’s all.

Little pea shoot

I got a whole truckload of manure spread about on the beds, and today it was dry enough that my neighbor Jim came by and rototilled the beds for me! The dirt looks much better than last year – noticeably blacker and richer-looking. Guess all those loads of compost and leaves actually paid off! (I’m going to bake him a dark chocolate cake as a thank-you… because what other flavor would be so appropriate? -grin-)

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