Flying + Logos. Get it?

A new company is making floating advertisements out of plant-based foams and helium gases. As if there isn’t enough advertising pollution (no, I don’t mean environmental type pollution, these are purportedly eco-friendly) out there. Not enough space on billboards? Let’s put ads in the sky!

Rolling Rock has been running a tongue-in-cheek “moonvertising” campaign lately – I guess they may not be too far out there.

This all reminds me of  a book – I think it’s Neal Stephenson’s Zodiac? Aaron, help me out here – where a company tries to market genetically modified fish and wildlife to big companies. Picture it… you’re snorkeling on a dream vacation in Florida and a big ole manatee comes swimming sedately by, complete with its own Heineken logo…

Gives “cloudwatching” a whole new meaning.

One Response to “Flogos.”

  1. Aaron M Says:

    If it’s Zodiac, I don’t remember it. :)

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