Backsplash finished!

Josh got the blog & accompanying photo gallery all moved and set up in their new location. There shouldn’t be any problems…. except that for some reason my automatic photo uploader isn’t working. This is trivial, but it means I have to edit each photo’s size and upload them by hand, which is annoying enough that I just haven’t posted ANYTHING. As you may have noticed. Ahem.

However, this is momentous enough that I thought I’d finally share: the backsplash is DONE for now. Tiled & grouted, all the most difficult corners finally finished, the window trim replaced… all that’s left is to seal the grout with a clear sealer.

I finished the undercabinet lighting for the backsplash tonight. It’s not beautiful, but it’s also not expensive!

As per usual I didn’t get “before” pictures before taking a crowbar to the wall (I could just kick my own impatience in the butt sometimes!), but you’ll get the idea…


I think I could easily put a 1″ piece of trim around the cabinet bottoms to hide the cord tangle a bit better – there’s even a special term for that, but I forget – but that will have to wait until after the baby arrives!

And hey, wouldja look at that, I’m trendy! My planned colors for the kitchen were turquoise, white, and red… and look at the colors of all the housewares in Target!

The colors are muddy here (it’s a phone pic after all) but in reality it’s nearly my same turquoise and the same shade of fire-engine red I picked. I adore those two colors together… and their being trendy will make finding bright red accessories very easy.

7 Responses to “Backsplash finished!”

  1. Heidi Says:

    gorgamous! and what a lotta work. Don’t you ever relax?
    (so proud of you and all your hard work!)
    Gradually you are conquering this house and making it your own…

  2. Tracy Jacobs Says:

    You did a fantastic job and the color is amazing!! Congratulations!
    Thanks for your business!

  3. Erin Says:

    Oh I love the lighting on the tiles, nice job!

  4. Tasnima Says:


  5. Melissa Says:

    I LOVE the backsplash and all of the open shelving you have. Funny you should post the dishes, I saw those in Target a few weeks ago and immediately thought of the pic of your “dream” kitchen!

  6. Ileana Says:

    I love the turquoise tiles and have been looking for them since I saw your renovation pictures, but have yet to find them. Can you direct me to where to get them please?

  7. Diana Guillermo Says:

    I got them at Annapolis Tile & Granite: I can’t remember the name of them but they are imported from England. Ask for Tracy and give her my name: Diana Guillermo. She’ll be able to hook you up. Glad you love them, I do too and they have so many colors! Also, you can cut them by hand with regular stained glass cutting equipment, which is nice.

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