How to grow a Taco

Mama’s been bugging me to put up more pictures of Taco, but my next sono isn’t till week 32…. and since I’m only 26 weeks now (a week from the end of the sixth month), you’re just going to have to wait. Patiently. For another month and a half.

Argh! I know. I wish I could ask them to do sonos whenever, too.

In the mean time, this is the best I can do:

At the Patch. Yes, the shirt says “Pregosaurus” (Josh made it for me).

The little bump on my belly? Not my deformed bellybutton. Not a random hernia. Just the knot from a cord of jute that’s the only thing that can keep up my shorts any more. I have outgrown all belts. Meanwhile, the gap’s far too wide for the old rubber-band trick, and I’m too cheap to buy shorts I will discard in three months. Especially since everything but the waistband still fits fine.

I have already, however, upgraded from old jute to new blue cotton bias tape I found in the closet.

Quick, I will distract you from my miserliness with another picture of my baby-bump.

At Behnke’s Nursery, looking a bit – okay a tiny bit – more presentable.

These pics make the bump look fairly obvious, which is why it’s amusing that people are still coming up to me, squinting, looking puzzled, and asking doubtfully, “Are you… pregnant?”

No, I’m just a special kind of front-fat.  -grin- They’re so afraid of making a mistake. But  really, you have only to see me waddle to know for sure.

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  1. songspinr Says:

    so cute your belly.Hii Taco…

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