Where I’ve been

Alea Lore McFadden, born January 20th at 2am. Lore is pronounced “Laura.” It was my grandmother’s name. But we mostly call her Pickles.

She’s blond! And very tall. in the 98th percentile for height at 8 weeks, and only the 48th for weight. Tall and skinny like her daddy.

I hope to get back into blogging again now… I’ve got some pictures saved up, but no time to write!

2 Responses to “Where I’ve been”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Love the new pictures. Wondered if you had given up the blog. I LOVE PICKLES!!!

  2. Amber Says:

    You’re alIIIIIIIIIve!!!!!!!! Oh I’m so very very glad that you are alive!!!!! Happy and glad. And I love the side by side tummy-to-baby picture. *breathes a sigh of relief *

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