If I had time… and land…

http://www.pooktre.com/ , but the site’s super amateur, be forewarned

I could do this on it. Maybe once we move into our Someday House and I have an orchard! I’m already planning some sort of natural gazebo made of a ring of birch trees – maybe an armchair in the orchard is just the thing to compliment it.

By the way, I’m not talking about time in in terms of day-to-day. I mean time as in, once we move into a place that we’re not planning on moving out of in two years. Once we move into a place we might stay for ten or fifteen or hey, till we have to bus ourselves creakily around the chicken coop in our wheelchairs (cuz our Someday House will totally have a chicken coop). Once we move into a place where I can really invest in the garden and go ahead and buy those huge, slow-growing trees and shrubs that would be a waste of money anywhere else, because they would only have grown two inches by the time we sell the house and the next owner mercilessly rips them out. You know.

This whole “once I have time and land” refrain that I sometimes spout makes me feel like a character in the Hyperion series – which is totally worth a read for anyone into serious futurist fantasy, by the way – who says “If we had some ham, we could have a ham and cheese sandwich. If we had some cheese.”

Someday. Ham and trees. (Cuz maybe we’ll have a pig, too.)

One Response to “If I had time… and land…”

  1. songspinr Says:

    if i know you, you wouldn’t have the heart to ham Wilbur…
    neat tree though, if Taco and company wouldn’t total it…
    better make that chicken coop with self-flushing floors so you don’t track chicken goo into the house on the wheelchairs…or maybe the wheelchairs would be designed with self-washing wheels…and you enter the house on a ramp with jets of air to dry them..talk about futuristic…
    p.s. how do you chase the chickens in a wheelchair…without disrupting their laying?

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