I’ve had such trouble with weeds on the steep, steep slope of Backfill Hill. They are the super-nasty colonizing weeds: poison ivy, wild blackberries, honeysuckle, 10-foot-high Joe-pye weed… Springing up from nothing to strangle and smother the poor raspberries and anything else I try to plant there.

Last year I tried organic weed suppression with layers of cardboard heavily covered with manure and mulch, but those brutes just shouldered it aside like there was nothing there at all. And then feasted on the rich organics I’d so helpfully provided.

So this year I’m going a little further: I covered the slope with three layers of landscape fabric.

It’s painfully ugly, but I hope to only have it in place a couple years. My hope is that once the brute weeds are smothered underneath, I can layer on some more manure and plant strawberries. Goodness knows those are doing some colonizing of their own already – they’ve spread out from my strawberry patch to cover my paths and invade surrounding beds. A groundcover that keeps down weeds and produces luscious fruit? Sounds like a good deal to me!

In the meantime, visitors please pardon the ugly.

2 Responses to “Ugly”

  1. Sam Smith Says:

    “wild blackberries, honeysuckle, 10-foot-high Joe-pye weed” bee paradise, they love pye eye in late summer, don’t have a lot of honeysuckle around here. Only difference between a weed and a plant is a human. :smile:

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Well if you say it like that, “bee paradise,” it sounds much better than “weed-infested neglected area”! So we’ve got LOTS of “bee paradises” scattered around the property… good to know! :)

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