Convenience whole foods

I’ve never been a mix-buyer. Cake mixes, bread mixes, pancake mixes… they can save you a few minutes in the kitchen, sure, but man do they charge you a premium – and for inferior, stale ingredients too.

Still, some days those extra few minutes can be a lifesaver. Like this past weekend, when Sofía got food poisoning. It was way-too-early-am and I knew she was going to need easy-to-digest foods for the rest of the day. I started some chicken stock simmering in the slow cooker and threw a whole wheat bread mix into the bread machine.

Yes, I used a bread mix… but one I made myself. If you knew how easy mixes are to make, you’d make them yourself, too!

The last time I’d made bread, I had lined up a few quart-size freezer bags on the counter next to the machine bucket. I filled them all, assembly-line-style, as I filled the bread machine bucket: mixed flours, yeast, salt, sugar, gluten, bran. (Did you know that’s all that goes into bread? You don’t even actually need the gluten or bran. If you buy mixes, you’re mostly paying for flour!)

Then I labeled the bags – “Whole wheat bread. Add 1 1/8 c water and 2 tbsp oil.” And popped them in the freezer to keep the flour fresh, since I don’t use preservatives & chemicals like those big companies do.

Voila, ready-made bags of a basic whole wheat bread mix that I can fancify to my heart’s desire by adding extras (herbs, nuts) later on. I think it took maybe an extra 5 minutes? And boy was it convenient to just throw a bag of premeasured stuff in the bread machine and go! But the best part was knowing that it was easy and wholesome.

3 Responses to “Convenience whole foods”

  1. Claire Says:

    So did the yeast not cause a problem when mixing it in and leaving it? I have always been so scared of yeast, I would have hesitated to put it in until right before I made it…. am I being too cautious?

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    The yeast will remain inactive if a) kept cold and b) kept dry. So these mixes had no water in them, plus I stashed them in the freezer (where I keep my jars of yeast anyway). Seems to work just fine! :) I can’t wait to find more time to make pancake mix and maybe even cake mixes!

  3. Heidi Says:

    so how is Sofia ??? did you ever find out what she ate?
    send her our love…

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