The perennials in the orchard promise a good harvest this year (if the deer don’t get there first!)

The gala apple tree was the only one of the apples that flowered this year. I don’t know if the other two varieties are younger, or just in poorer soil.

Millions of peaches! A groundhog (I think) already stripped all the lower branches of fruit and leaves, but there are plenty left on the upper branches. We are so excited!

The blackberry vines are beastly, but absolutely covered in flowers. I’ve decided their thorns are just too nasty though – after they’re done fruiting I’m going to rip them out and replace them with a thornless variety.

Here’s to fresh fruit! And sorbet! And jam! And juice!

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  1. Erin Says:

    I’m so excited to have apples this year too!

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