Progress – bathroom remodel

We’re making progress on the bath remodel! Yesterday I mixed up some extra-strength joint compound our contractor recommended, and Sofía and I gave the walls a nice skim coat.

This is not for prettification, it’s purely because the adhesive that holds on the future wainscoting won’t stick well to exposed plaster. So thankfully we don’t have to do a million coats.

Then I finally got to set all the tiles that I’d previously dry-fitted.

I love using a tile saw!

Today we went and picked out a vanity; tonight I’m going to try to find time to cut and install the wainscoting. Or maybe grout the tile. One or the other, but with the baby I definitely won’t have time to do both!

Yet to do: wainscoting, grouting, electrical, painting, shelving & mirrors, vanity & toilet, roughly in that order. If I can get at least one item accomplished per night I will try to be satisfied. I gotta say, while it is very frustrating to be limited to such a small window of work time per day (the time Daddy’s home and can hold Alea) it’s coming together nonetheless.

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