Strawberry rhubarb jam

Our strawberries, while small, are plentiful enough that in two days we had collected enough for a big batch of jam. Plain strawberry seems a bit boring though; I was thinking maybe of adding vanilla or lemon. So when I saw rhubarb in the store I knew just what to make, because strawberry-rhubarb flavor ties with apple for my favorite pie, and with sour cherry as a jam.

Sofía was a great helper – she stood on her chair beside me for about an hour just hulling and crushing strawberries. I was very impressed at how into it she was and the intelligent questions she asked about the process.

During her nap I chopped the rhubarb and zested limes… and just as I realized I forgot to buy more pectin, the doorbell rang and the postman dropped off the Pomona’s Universal pectin I’d ordered. Talk about good timing! (The deal with this pectin is that it gels with calcium, not sugar, so you can use very little and any kind of sweetener, including honey, agave, etc.) I finished the jam with two cups of honey.

The texture turned out great, softer and more spreadable than usual; but I discovered to my chagrin that I actually prefer too-sweet jams! And I may not be a fan of the honey flavor either. I’m going to let it age a bit and taste it again.

Still, it is pretty darn good; and now the gifts cabinet is full again.

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