Taco, way back when.

I can’t believe I’m already bad at posting pictures and Taco isn’t even born yet. Here are some sonograms from when she was only 20 weeks old – she’s a whole 50% older than that now at 30 weeks! – that I finally just got scanned in this morning.

Raising her hand to her mouth in preparation for…

…sucking her thumb. I swear. See, the tech put a little white arrow on her thumb, and the helpful word “thumb” above? Awww.

All that thumbsucking must have worn her out, because then she started to yawn. It was really cool to see her do it in motion, but all you get is a little still picture that makes her look like a monkey. You’ll have to trust me that it was cute.

If you look hard, you can see her little nostrils and one of her closed eyes, back in the shadows.

Larger scale pics – and one more of her profile – up at the family picture gallery. Or you could just wait another two weeks for my next sonogram, and see if I actually manage to post them on time!

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