Allllllmost there – bathroom remodel

We’re getting so close!

Today I finished patching over the old medicine cabinet hole , primed everything (there was oil paint), and then had time to paint both the wainscoting and walls. Luckily I’d remembered to measure and drill holes for all the accessories before painting (can’t count the number of times I barge ahead and forget to finish the small details first), so I didn’t have to mark up my brand new beautiful color. And everything fit the first time! Yay!

You can see our new little shelf reflected in the mirror. There was a very good quality, very nice and spacious cabinet there before, but with the broom closet adjacent I thought perhaps we didn’t need another cabinet. I hope I am right…. and I hope I can find something good to do with the old cabinet.

Tomorrow we (try to) install the vanity and toilet and then we are done! (Well, unless we also upgrade the ceiling fan and door… but I am ready to be finished by this point!)

2 Responses to “Allllllmost there – bathroom remodel”

  1. Heidi Says:

    wow, how beautiful. are you still going to use a pedestal sink?

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Nope, with the plumbing coming up through the floor we have to get a vanity. But we found a very nice petite one with a travertine top that matches our new floor. We’re excited!

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