Roses roses everywhere

It’s May and, even if the weather refuses to recognize it, that means it’s rose season.

Abraham Darby

All of my roses are rebloomers, which means they’ll keep sending out sporadic blooms throughout the year, but the first flush is always the strongest. After three or four years of waiting, it’s so nice to see the back yard just awash in blooms.

Gloire de Dijon

You can’t see it in this picture – and I can’t show you because the picture that would show you is out of focus and besides features a prominent bag of Miracle Grow – but the front of the climbing rose has great big purple clematis flowers woven in among the roses.  Clematis is one of those flowering vines that plays nice (unlike wisteria) and never chokes or smothers its host. It can be grown solo as well, but it really is nice for “filling in the gaps” of other plants. You can grow them on nearly anything vertical, even a tree, if you give them a leg up in the first year – but they are usually partnered with roses.

Livin’ Easy

Some of the roses haven’t come into their own yet, like the Livin’ Easy – these are just the very first blooms. Even the Abraham Darby has more buds yet than flowers. My Ginger Syllabub (on the post opposite the Gloire de Dijon) has not a single bloom, but more buds than I’ve ever seen… and the Heritage shrub out front looks like it’s just biding its time to make a spectacular display.

Maybe all this rain is good for something, after all.

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  1. songspinr Says:

    yay! spring…gorgeous

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