Thank goodness for perennials.

It rained again yesterday. It’s raining again tonight. It’s supposed to get down in the mid-40s another three nights in a row.

Even though that means that my next batch of annuals (yes, I succumbed and went to the nursery for seedling replenishment –sigh-) may never make it into the ground before we all drown in sticky, gloopy mud, my perennial flower garden seems to be taking everything in stride. If anything, the cool weather is helping to preserve the blooms longer (though the poor roses are getting covered in black spot).

Thank goodness for well-established root systems.
My peonies grew 4 feet tall this year, and while the Festiva Maxima is the only one that’s bloomed so far (it’s two years older than the others), it’s putting on quite enough of a show all on its own.

My favorite flower seems to change with whatever’s blooming, but right now it’s safe to say that peonies are among the highest on the list. I finally had enough blooms that I felt safe cutting some for the house. I only cut about half of the blooms from the bush, but look how yuuuge – some are bigger than my whole face!

Check it out: I made the vase, too.

(Boy is it ever nice to walk into a house that smells like peonies. They’d better last – I’m afraid that in not too long we’ll all be smelling like mildew.)

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  1. nhnursery Says:

    I agree with you on your favorite flowers. Every spring and summer my favorite flower seems to be the ones in bloom. I think that is what make perennial gardening so much fun.

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