A bored little SofĂ­a and I had an hour or two to kill, and I suggested we make a craft. So we started browsing through all the kid friendly craft ideas I had pinned on Pinterest, and she saw something that caught her eye.

It’s not a liquid. It’s not a solid. It’s FLUBBER.

Luckily we had all the ingredients – though just barely – if I quartered the recipe. So we mixed this into that and that into this…

She got to choose the colors and she wanted to put glitter in. She used about three vials of glitter. I kept asking “Isn’t that enough glitter?”

(Um, mom, that’s kind of a dumb question.)

No sooner had we poured the borax solution into the glue solution than the whole thing turned slimy and squishy and semi-solid!

She plays with it for hours at a time, far longer than with playdoh or silly putty. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes. Bonus: a quarter recipe fits neatly in a ziplock sandwich baggie.

Next time – because oh you betcha there will be a next time – I’m going to use clear glue in the hopes of getting it transparent.

Yay for slime!

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