Hooray for rotten food

The weather has been so perfect this weekend – in the mid seventies, low humidity, sunshine – that I got some good work done in the garden. Checking off some of those tasks on my epic to-do list feels so good!

Among other things, I finally got the compost sorted and turned over. I got 12 cubic feet – that’s two full wheelbarrowloads – of beautifully decomposed kitchen scraps and lawn leaves. It’s amazing how all those old apple peelings and wadded up paper towels magically become lovely fluffy black compost, gardener’s gold.

This was enough to lightly spread across one bed and also put a generous thick layer of mulch around all the fruit trees. It’ll keep them warm during the winter and keep them fertilized in the spring.

And the best part? The compost was absolutely seething with earthworms.

I’ve never had an earthworm population before, and I’m so excited! These little wrigglers are going to make a huge difference in soil fertility – like an injection of fertilizer straight to the plants’ roots and much more long-term. Not to mention FREE!

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