Getting on the straight and narrow

After spreading all that compost yesterday I still had time to mulch over one newly-straightened pathway. It took four wheelbarrowloads of mulch… and I found out just how out of shape I’d let myself get over the past year. My shoveling muscles are not what they used to be!

I dug out half of another curving path and drug it straight as well. Gonna mulch that later I guess… by the time I finished it was time for pizza!

I sincerely doubt I’ll get all the paths straightened before it gets too wet to work out there, and I have to keep reminding myself that that is ok. I don’t need the garden to be absolutely perfect before I start gardening in the spring – while straight beds are so much easier to plan, plant, till, and protect with row covers, I can very well continue to use the old curvy beds for another season… saving myself a lot of time that I don’t currently have.

Straightening ALL the pathways will, I think, have to be a very long-term project… because, well, I built most of the garden in the shape of a spiral. D’oh!

Pretty, but not practical….

Can you see below how overgrown the pathways are? Unearthing and moving the landscape fabric is a tedious, backbreaking process that takes far too long!

But man, it would make everything that much easier… anyone want to come over and lend a hand?   :)

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