What I’ve been working on

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking about starting to dabble in silver, didn’t I? Well, I’m going to go ahead and blame that new obsession of mine for keeping me from blogging. (That and, you know, the garden dying with the end of the year so there’s nothing outside to blog about anyway).

I’ve got a set of several products I want to share with the world: all cast of silver from the impressions of children’s fingerprints in special clay. These are dear to my heart, as they are the ones I made for my own girls and the entire inspiration for this new business. The stones are birthstones, and the childs’ initials are imprinted on the back.

I offer heart pendants as well, shaped from two little baby fingers. I love how the birthstone sparkles in this photo!

I have been working on perfecting a variety of family pendants (pictures later this week) and even a wedding pendant:

Which could also be made from the fingerprints of two grown children, with two birthstones & two sets of initials.

I’m already offering these products through Etsy, but oh, I have much bigger plans!

I’m working with a fabulous graphic designer to come up with a brochure (in exchange for teaching her girl to sew. I love bartering!) Once I have those in hand I am hoping to market myself around to area shops and maybe even catch a few Christmas orders. I’m thinking of gift shop boutiques, of course, but it occurred to me last night that hospital gift shops (in hospitals with big Labor & Delivery units), might also be good.

Before I can do that, however, I will have to navigate through the labyrinth of pain, confusion and hair-tearing that is the IRS and our state’s Tax & Assessment Division to get a business license. No, I don’t really want to form a whole new business or be a company or start filing quarterly income tax… I just want to make a few items here and there to help mamas hold their loved ones near and dear and get some supplemental income while doing so. Ideally I’d just market them around, see how it goes, do everything in a very relaxed way & get a license if they take off. However, in our state there’s no lower limit on income before you need to get a license, you have to get one right off the bat…. so I guess I’m committing!

I’ll keep you updated as I have news. In the mean time, visit the Etsy shop or ButterBeanBoutique.com and tell your friends! :)

5 Responses to “What I’ve been working on”

  1. Mrs. Brent Parker Says:

    Check out that new store in Odenton, by the traffic circle that sells all local made stuff. Megan and I stopped in yesterday.

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Cool thanks! Do you know its name – is it the Honey Pig by any chance?

  3. amy Says:

    Bear’s Honeypot :smile:

  4. Erin Says:

    PS- Quarterly income tax is optional! With the amount of income you will be bringing in you really won’t have to worry that much about it. I didn’t start paying quarterly till my 3rd year in business, and I do it full time;)

  5. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Oh I thought for a sole proprietorship you HAD to do it quarterly, and then if you paid on time fr 3 years they “graduated” you to yearly? At least that was the tax stubs stuff I got in the mail last time… haven’t received my packet yet for this go-round.

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