120 cups, 60 pints, 30 quarts

Of delicious red tomatoes.

No, these are not my own tomatoes, alas. These are from the farm stand just down the road; because of last night’s frost warning they were culling all the tomatoes from the fields and they had 1/2 bushel baskets set out front, stacked on bleacher seats, “Seconds! Buy 2 get one free!”

A deal on top of a deal. And just this week I noticed we were down to just a couple quarts of tomatoes left from last year. That would never do. I use crushed tomatoes as the base for so many things – a quart goes into most of my slow cooker dinners, plus they are what I use as a base for my enchilada, spaghetti, meatloaf & lasagne sauces. I love having only one type of something that fulfills so many purposes.

I bought a bushel and a half and got to work… boiling, cooling, peeling, crushing, bottling, salting, cleaning, lidding, boiling.

Thank goodness I’d stocked up on lids last time I was at the farm store, because 1 1/2 bushels rendered 30 quarts of crushed tomatoes.

Actually it would have been 32, but I saved the slightly unripe ones to use in today’s chile sauce adventure … more on that later.

As you can see I filled three half-gallon jars as well. I figured these would be perfect on the nights I want to make spaghetti. I thought really hard about how I should probably just make the spaghetti sauce right then before canning up the rest of the crushed tomatoes, but after 5 hours of canning I did NOT have the energy to go to the store (onions, garlic, basil, etc) and then start all over again. I may be nuts, but I’m not crazy!  :)

It may seem unbelievable, but I bet we run out of these tomatoes before the end of next season.

4 Responses to “120 cups, 60 pints, 30 quarts”

  1. Diane Says:


    I didn’t get any put up this year. *pout* We eat so many tomatoes, it’s not even funny. We go through, on average, 10 quarts each week. There is no flippin’ way I’ll get 520 quarts of tomatoes canned in one summer and still be sane so I’ve come to accept that I’ll always buy at least some tomatoes. LOL

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Wow! That is a lot of tomatoes… but why doesn’t that surprise me, coming from the woman who goes through gallons and gallons of peppers and onions? :)

  3. Erin Says:

    Even the year we had soooo many tomatoes, I was having you can them too, Diana, they didn’t last all year:( I ran out in January! Makes you think real hard on how much canning our female ancestors must have done…in a hot kitchen… over a wood stove…in summer…usually without running water! Those thoughts get me though 5 hour canning sessions, lol! You got a good haul, I wish I had time to take advantage of the bog2, we were so busy this past weekend:(

  4. Diana Guillermo Says:

    You do so much work, Erin, I know it’s hard not to feel like you could do a “little” more but honestly, you deserve some time off your feet. Besides what is all that work for, if during your time off, you only work more?

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