Crafty cattails

Our pond this year has been infiltrated by cattails. I’m not sure where they came from -their seeds drift in the wind, I suppose – and I’m not really sure whether or not I should destroy them or let them be. I don’t want them to entirely swallow our teeny little puddle of a pond, but the small clump we have now is very attractive.

In the mean time, I may as well use them. I know you can eat them (I think it was Euell Gibbons of Stalking the Wild Asparagus fame that said if you can find a clump of cattails you will never be hungry) but the flavor is supposed to be “muddy”, so … I’ll pass for now, thanks.

However, they are awfully graceful.

I think they make an absolutely lovely Fall bouquet paired with the orange gaillardia (which I adore, what a flowering powerhouse!  Thank you previous owners!) and the last flush of my Victoria Blue salvias. There’s no color combination that looks quite as nice in nature as purple and orange…. at least I think so.

The crafting didn’t stop there though.

Decoration! Hooray for Fall!

Usually I frame the front porch and lamppost with corn stalks from our garden – last year was broomcorn, that was so pretty – but there was no corn this year, so why not cattails?  I think they look great!

Of course I only used up about a quarter of them… or less. What to do with the rest? Anyone interested in some porch decorations? I know you can dry them for indoor decorations too!

Exercising your creativity to make use or what you already have is so rewarding.

4 Responses to “Crafty cattails”

  1. amy Says:

    I have many many fond memories of canoe trips and playing with the cattails along the rivers. very pretty!

  2. Melissa Says:

    At one point I dried a bunch of cattail leaves for a few weeks. Then I moistened them again so they weren’t brittle, and braided them together into a long strip. Then I sewed the strip round and around to make a sun hat, using a mixing bowl as a form. I still have the hat.

  3. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Wow that is amazing!!! I so want to try that – I’ve never made a hat!

  4. Amber Says:

    *GASP* Cattails instead of corn for decoration!! Look how great that looks!!!! That was a good idea, missy.
    I have fond memories of cat tails in the irrigation ditches I used to play in. However- once those beautiful fuzzy brown tails go to seed- you get poofy-floaty nose-itchers everywhere. If you have a manageable amount, I guess you could just snip them BEFORE they become allergens? But, you know, deal with the hurricane first. *hugs*

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