Blast from the past

Look what I found!

My old pottery website from 2006, two years before I was even pregnant with SofĂ­a. I didn’t realize I’d left it live, but I’m glad I did. (Um, PS: I do much, MUCH better pottery nowadays, thanks primarily to my classes with Mea Rhee. Don’t judge me.)

Looks like the basic layout might be easy enough to translate over into a new keepsake pendants design. That’s what’s on my plate this weekend… as well as finishing up all the writing for my beautiful brochure.

I’ve got some better photos of my pendants to share, too.

Anniversary Pendant: You can see how even the minute detail of fingerprints translates over to the silver.

Family Pendant: each disk bears a single fingerprint, initials, and a birthstone. I LOVE the way they are turning out!

And of course, my signature Fingertip Pendant. These are the ones I most love doing. I actually get really maudlin at the thought of being able to hold my daughter’s tiny baby hands when they’re all grown up and far away.

I am getting so excited about starting this for real!

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