Getting ready for Sandy

Well, sort of. In a tangential sort of I’d-rather-be-crafting kind of way, I suppose.

I finally got all this year’s harvest worth of beeswax melted down in my new melter-pourer.

Yup, it’s in a double-boiler because beeswax is flammable. Never heat beeswax directly on a stove, folks. I heated it until it was just mostly melted – you don’t want it too hot or it damages the fragrance, they say.

All my equipment was laid out, the counters covered with paper, my pan covered with foil that I poured water into to make wax drips easier to salvage.

A silicone mold, special wicking for beeswax, wicking needle, silicone mold release spray, and a tall glass I don’t care about, to keep the mold upright while the wax cools.

Once I got the wick in, I wrapped it around the wicking needle and pulled it back out the bottom a little bit. This made it taut and straight throughout the candle, and easy to center.

Pour… carefully! Top up a few times, as the beeswax sucks down in the middle and forms a hollow as it cools. Once it’s fully cooled (about 10 minutes), use a pair of pliers to puuuuuull the finished candle out of the mold via the little tail of wick. The new wick pulls in as the old candle leaves, and you’re ready to start all over again.

The warmer they are, the lighter in color.

Now we have about 10 long-burning, good-smelling beeswax candles to weather out any power outage Sandy might throw at us (there was enough wax left over for perhaps 10 more as well, but I was done for the day). And yes, we have flashlights and headlamps too… but making the candles was more fun than setting those out. :)

I have a couple paraffin candles still taking up space in my one set of taper candleholders; I hate waste but even so I might take ’em out so we can start burning our new beeswax candles right away!

3 Responses to “Getting ready for Sandy”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Lovely candles. And be safe!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Thanks hon! I can’t wait to see how they smell. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    too bad you were all prepared and didn’t need to use them. Good you didn’t need to use them. Bet they smell heavenly!

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