First pullet egg!

I got 5 new chickens last spring, but because I really wanted some Araucanas (the blue-egg layers) I had to wait til June to get them because of some backup at the place that supplies all the feed stores around here with chicks. Normally I’d get them a couple weeks before Easter. This late start meant that they were supposed to start laying around November, but by then the weather was cold and the days were too short already. So, as chickens sometimes do, they decided to put off laying at all until this Spring.

Which meant I had to feed 5 more full-grown, nonproductive chickens all winter long. Grr. There are already 4 ladies in there that stopped laying last year from old age, and they will have to meet the soup pot soon… but they have names and I can’t bring myself to do it just yet. So nobody is laying (maybe 1 egg per day from 12 chickens is awful), I’ve had to buy eggs from the grocery store three times already, and those lazy hens just continue to shovel up my super-expensive organic chicken feed, which is getting old fast.

So I’ve learned my lesson. Never buy chicks after May. Got it.

But it looks like finally, someone in there has decided to start earning her keep!

It’s a little difficult to see, but in person it’s obvious how much smaller the pale egg is than the big (regular sized) one. It’s kind of darling, actually.

Here’s to finally having a productive coop again!

5 Responses to “First pullet egg!”

  1. Sam Says:

    I have two girls right now and I’m planning to add two more in spring. I always love the first baby egg a chicken lays!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    It’s so dainty, isn’t it? :) Just don’t get yours past May! Dang freeloaders. :/

  3. Angela Morse Says:

    You don’t by any chance live in Severn Maryland do you? I stumbled upon your blog while doing research for my garden. Every year I say I’m gonna start an organic veggie garden and this time I will not be procrastinating :) My son is 5 this year so I can’t use the excuse that I’m too busy being a mom, Lol. Well, every morning when I’m on my way to dropping him off at kindergarten we pass by a house with a small chicken coop and it looks very much like your pics. It looks like you really know your stuff so I was wondering if it would be too much trouble if I shoot you a garden question every once in a while if I run into problems getting started? All your pics look great btw, it looks like you’re doing an awesome job!

  4. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Hey, you got me! That is too cool. I’d love it if you shot me questions, or you could come over at some point. I’m not sure how much gardening I’m going to be doing this year…. I haven’t even ordered seeds yet, lol! But if I can give you any pointers I would love to. :)

  5. Angela Morse Says:

    Ok, yay! Thanks :) Here’s my email (removed for privacy) Would you mind if we exchanged emails? It would be an easier form of communication for me since I’m not on here much. Also, there are times that I have toys to pass down and since you’re so close by I could just drop some off to you once in a while if you want them. Don’t worry, I’d give you some warning I was stopping by :) I hate the unannounced drop by, lol.

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