Oh sheet

Did you ever have something that you love so much you don’t want to get rid of it, even when the simple thing would be to just buy a new one? Well call me crazy, but my bedsheets are one of those things. They were a wedding gift to us, so they are some crazy-high thread count fancy sheet we’d never buy for ourselves. And yes, they’re 10 years old, but after so many washings they feel like butter.

Only… they’re getting a little threadbare around the edges. And the other night I went to pull the blankets up to my chin – gently, I swear! – and this happened.

At first I thought, “Oh well, I guess that’s it then.” But while I was really unhappy about having to get a new set of cheapo scratchy sheets, there was no way we could afford sheets as nice as these ones. What’s a girl to do?

Well, uh… make her fancy-pants sewing machine earn its keep, of course!

The top came the rest of the way off in as straight a line as I could manage. I did a rolled hem (I love my machine’s rolled-hem-foot) and just enough pintucks to add some visual interest.

Then I tucked under the rolled hem, pinning a ribbon underneath it (green, to match our bedroom walls) and sewing just along the very edge.

I probably should have used pins and laid it out more carefully, as it gets a bit wavery in some places… but nobody’s going to see it but us, and it will certainly do well enough.

Bonus: now I’m crazy excited about making the bed. (It’s the small things, right?)

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