Another bathroom project

I bought some shelves from Ikea the other week (or month, or however long ago) meaning to put them up in the bathroom. Since I finally got the shelves finished in Taco’s room – and all her tiny little clothes sorted into tiny little baskets! – I figured it was high time to actually work on my other shelving project too.

I can’t count the small ways in which I kept messing up. These are shelves that you chop to length, and each side slides into a small endcap that gets screwed into the wall. Wish I’d thought about putting on both endcaps to begin with and taping them in place so that I could manipulate each shelf as a single unit, instead of trying to juggle three separate pieces and winding up getting each piece independently off-level.

I took out the ugly towel bar that you can just see in the first picture below, and had thought that I could reuse the drywall anchors, so I chopped the shelf 1/2″ short of exactly half. I should have remembered how crappily everything in our house was put together: those anchors just slid right out. Which left me with four big holes in the wall, a shelf that was 1/2″ shorter than need be, and the need to make an extra cut in the other half of the shelf to get it to match the first. Sigh.

To make a long story short, I had to keep moving and fixing the doggone things, and went through an entire package of cheap plastic drywall anchors because they kept breaking. But I got it done! And I’m glad I did.

Actually that first picture is reminding me that I ought to be sure and document my regrouting job too. I only did two of the three shower walls, but it’s so much nicer!

Perhaps my next project will be laying new vinyl tiles down – not only were these installed badly (crooked in some places, 1/4″ gaps between them in other places) but they’re obviously leftovers from a 70’s salvage wholesaler, or something.

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